Monday, October 28, 2013

Oct 28

So we have had a great week!  We have been working hard, rain, sleet, or even snow.  It is starting to get pretty cold out here!  Mom, I don't think you would like the winter here.  The cold is simply different.  Sister Frampton has this crazy long down coat, which essentially looks like a sleeping bag with arms.  I may have to go that route soon.  I will wait and see for a bit and hope for a more mild winter. 
We taught Karen twice this last week, and she is simply incredible!  She talks to her daughters, who are also investigating the church in their own states, all the time.  Her daughter Ally is hoping they can be baptized on the same day.  How cool is that?  She picks up on all the lessons quickly, and is eating it up.  She is trying to get her masters degree right now, and she still is willing to make time to read scriptures and meet with us often.  She and Sue fed us on Saturday.  She cooks a lot like you mom, except she made Sue's recipe for goulash.  I guess it is a Youngstown favorite.  You would love them!  I will try and get a picture with them this week.  We are going over on Halloween to help with candy, and then teach a lesson.  We aren't supposed to work on Halloween (go figure).
We started teaching Mike and Bryce.  It was a super interesting experience.  Mike is the father of two sons, Kyle and Bryce.  Bryce is 16, and really wants to know more.  Kyle is 21 and has cerebral palsy.  They don't have a couch in their upstairs living room, or really any furniture.  So we brought a member with us, who has never been teaching in her whole life.  We were all surprised when we were invited to sit on the floor in a circle and share our message.  We really brought the power of the spirit into the room.  We talked a lot about the purpose of life, and Bryce opened up a lot.  He told us how his mom had died 2 years ago, and how they had been getting along since.  Bryce definitely is interested to know what he needs to do to be with his mom again.  Mike seems far more skeptical.  Hopefully our lesson will go well this week. 
Dani and Sis Becca Williams
We have been doing a mission prep class with some of the young single adults in the stake.  One of the girls just received her mission call for South Salt Lake, meaning she is going to come stop by and say hi to you all when she gets transferred into the Draper area.  If you meet a Sister Becca Williams anytime after December 4 or so, tell her hi.  I told her you would all feed her something tasty too...  :)  The meetings are going really well, and the kids are so excited to share the gospel!  The members are really trusting us!  We meet at President Kirk's home (which is really the greatest house I have ever been in).  I can't remember if I have told you about it before.  It is in an old grange home, and it is just a little ways away from their orchard.  Right now they have been producing thousands upon thousands of apples.  We have been doing service up there, and after they give us a fresh gallon of apple cider and a bunch of apples.  The apple cider is so good!  I wish there was a good way for me to send it home to you all so you could try it. 
Well as always, I love you all, and pray for you daily.  Keep Karen in your prayers and her date.  She is trying to receive her answer about the Book of Mormon right now. 

Sister Bakker 

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