Monday, October 21, 2013

Oct 20

Hey Mom!
A lot of people here are from Michigan.  Some of them even remember missionaries from back in the day (probably was dad) in good ol' Michigan.  I even know what they are doing when they pull out their hand to describe where their city is.  Most people haven't seen a whole lot on the church on the web here.  Usually they just make comments on the commercials they see on TV or Marie and Donnie. 
The weather here is cold!  I am going to go and buy tights today, and maybe even a warmer skirt or two.  I should be okay on sweaters though. The sweaters have been the best! 
This week we have been tracting a lot in the rain, and it is pretty cold!  We pull out the umbrellas.  It is nice though because people think we are crazy, and want to know why it is so worth going out and knocking on their door despite the rain.  In fact one guy yesterday even said he would come to our church once just because we were out in the rain. 
We have been worried about meeting with Karen, because she canceled on us last week.  She had something come up.  So yesterday we took her some apples and left them with her friend Sue (who is 92, and who Karen takes care of).  We got a text from her later rescheduling an appointment for this week.  Keep her in your prayers!  She has so much potential to progress! 
Katie is doing awesome as well!  She has been living all the commandments, and trying so hard!  All of her friends are noticing a difference too.  Katie invited her friend Sarah to continue sitting in on the lessons with us, and invited her to learn more.  Sarah accepted, and we are teaching her the restoration tonight!  We are so excited for her!  She even wants to come to church, and see what is making Katie so different.  It is all because of the Mormon Glow! 
Our week was full of a lot of tracting, and we actually tracted into a lady named Shari, who just moved from Arkansas.  She is from a little town outside of Fort Smith.  She has never heard of Hackett, but she does have a lot of sayings we hear from Grandma all of the time!  I love it!  She is investigating the church as well because she felt "blessed" when we were talking with her on her porch.  Good things are coming! 
Sorry the letter today is pretty short.  I hope all is well at home.   I love you all, and pray for you each day. Keep being awesome, and keep sending pictures:) 
Love, Sister Bakker
P-day at Berlin Lake Ohio with S Frampton, Dani and Katie

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