Monday, October 7, 2013

Oct 7

Hi mom!
I have a huge testimony of members opening their mouths.  Sometimes we never know what the Lord has in store for us.  In the last week we have found 2 new investigators from members who opened their mouth at one point or another in the past.  Neither of these girls expressed the interest to take discussions at the time, but are now doing so because of their experience and talks with members from 5 or more years ago!  How cool is that!!!!!!!  They were planting the seed!!  They were also apart of hastening the work of salvation, which they talked a ton on in conference!  They even compared it to the first vision!   
So the work here...  It's definitely moving and rolling.  So our area is very diverse.  We have a lot of country folk, as well as a lot of ghetto areas.  This week we met Karen.  She is an older black lady, who went in for a general procedure, and the doctor accidentally hit a nerve in her back.  She is paralyzed from the waste down.  She talks a ton, and has a beautiful shrine to Africa in her kitchen and a couple pictures of Malcom X framed around the house.  She found one of our cards just laying somewhere, and called us.  It has taken us a while to finally get over to seeing her as she has been in the hospital.  When we finally got over there, she gave us each a hug that was so warm and loving.  She loved having us there.  Not exactly sure if she understood the message, but she was so funny to talk to.  She has a lot of crazy stories, and just wants to be closer to God.  I wish I could describe the scene to you better, but to put it simply, Youngstown is nothing like Utah. 
We did have a very solid investigator that we tracted into last week.  She had a good experience from one of the members just being an example/missionary a few years ago.  Her name is also Karen.  We had a lesson with her, and she said that she believed everything we shared with her.  She texted us just last night and told us that she was excited to learn more.  I am so excited to teach her more about our church!  We never know who the Lord is preparing, and how they are doing it.  We are all just instruments in the work of salvation. 
Of course I have to mention how awesome conference was!  How cool is it to have a living prophet to guide us through life?!  I want to take President Uchtdorf's talk with me everywhere and just share it with everyone we meet.  We need ipads! 
The Church is true!  We are all so lucky to be apart of the Work of Salvation! 
I love you all and am praying for you daily!
Sister Bakker

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