Monday, November 4, 2013

Nov 4


On the way to church in Alliance
The weather can be kinda strange since it is pretty much always grey skies, you can never tell when we are going to have rain or not.  All is well here.  Karen is still doing great!  We met with her on Halloween and had a blast with her and Sue.  We also went and visited with Sister C, who talked us in to helping her pass out candy for awhile.  We actually couldn't do a lot of work on Halloween, so we resorted to just doing a lot of service. 
Sister C, Dani, S Frampton raking leaves
This week we had interviews with President Vellinga.  He is a really sweet man.  His famous question that all the missionaries here quote, "Do you love your mission?"  He has a big heart and is very genuine.  We have Zone Conference this week, and I am looking forward to that. 
We did get an amazing new investigator this week!  Her name is Kristen, and she is 22.  She is so sweet!  She really liked the restoration, and loved Mormon Messages.  She told us that she had been hoping someone would come by that night, and just before we had been earnestly praying for a new investigator to work with.  I love when our prayers are answered so quickly! 
Sue, Karen Dani and S Frampton on Halloween
I wish I had more time to tell you about this last week, but I will send you some pictures.  I love you all! 


Sister D.K.Bakker

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