Wednesday, July 16, 2014

June 30

Dear Mom,
We had an absolutely incredible week!  I wanted to share just one of our many great miracles we had.  So about a week and half ago, we knocked on a member of the branch who is on the "Do Not Contact" list.  Well, I am sure it doesn't shock you that I don't believe in a "DNC" list, nor do I abide by it within reason.  So we stopped by James.  We had tried in the past, but hadn't gotten to meet anyone.  Well finally, we met his wife, Dianna.  She didn't seem to happy to see us there, but after our short conversation something changed in her.  She politely told us that her family wasn't interested since James was a degree in theology and didn't attend our church anymore.  So we gave her a Because of Him card, and left.  Well last Monday we got a media referral with the name, Dianna and the same address in Wapak.  To be honest, we thought it was a mistake, but we went back.  The first time we went back and met her son, Drew, who was confused why we were there, and turned us away since his mom wasn't home.  Being determined to meet her, and hoping for the best we returned again on Wednesday.  We saw this man walking to the door through the glass and in a big voice said, "You can't be the girls I have been hearing about?"  We were a bit startled and unsure if he was angry or what.  He then said, "I heard one of you was asking questions about the flowers in my garden.  Which one was it?"  Sister O'Banion was pretty quick to point her finger at me since of course I would ask about their garden.  He laughed, and said, "Well are we just going to stand around out here, or are you going to come in?"  We went in and waited for his wife to come out.  After some brief introductions we said, "We were a little surprised to get your message..."  She laughed at us, and told us that his heart really still lies in the church, and the least she could do was investigate to find out the truth for herself.  She then said, "He keeps mentioning something about wanting to be with me forever.  I don't know why we can't do that now, but I guess I will find out." 
Needless to say, James and Dianna are a miracle!  We were able to get to know a little bit more about them on Sunday, and will be going back to begin teaching them the lessons this Wednesday! 
I know that miracles are happening everywhere, but they are especially right here in St. Marys.  This place is so special to our Heavenly Father.  I know that this is His work, and when we ask for His help and even miracles, He will be there for us.  I love being a missionary so much!  Anyone who turns down the chance to go on a mission, and is able to is making a mistake.  The things you learn in those short 18-24 months change your life for eternity. 
I love you all!  Happy Independence Day!
Sister Bakker

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