Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 23

Hi Mom,

All is going well out here.  We are doing much better health wise.  No trips to the ER this week, which is great!  A lot has been going on with teaching, and finding new people to teach.  We have really been trying to increase the amount of people we are finding everyday.  One of the challenges of working in the second largest area in the mission is that we have no time to find between appointments because of the travel time we have to schedule in.  It is a good thing to be so busy constantly, but we can't do it just the two of us for much longer.  I hope they send in another set of missionaries soon to help ease the burden of the distance. 
Collin is doing okay.  We won't be able to see him this week, but hopefully next week there will be a good update on him and how he is progressing.
We did find a really awesome new investigator this last week.  He lives at the address of a member on our records (who no one knows who is) that apparently no longer lives there.  His name is J.  He is around yours and dad's age, and has two daughters around my age.  He has a Harley Davidson type life full of drugs, violence, motorcycles and jail.  He no longer associates with anyone in his family, and all of his friends still party.  He is currently trying to overcome some of the addictions that he has, and was really surprised to find us knocking on his motorhome.  He wants to change his life around, but doesn't know who to turn to.  He isn't even sure if he believes that Jesus Christ is his Savior.  We are really excited to teach him more in depth this upcoming week.  He seems to really have a true desire to find out the truth of why we are here and where we are going when we leave this life.  Definitely keep him in your prayers.
Brother F's mom, Janice, had us over for dinner this week.  It was so fancy!  She is a fantastic cook, and is obsessed with Hawaiian food.  I will send  you a picture of the dinner she fed us.  It was really good to get to talk with her a little it this week and figure out how she has been feeling since she started coming back to church with the F's.  She has a very interesting perspective.  Her husband, Jim, reminds me a TON of Grandpa Bakker.  Sister F and I had a mini conversation about how she went to a Johnny Cash concert back in the day.  I guess she had been in the hospital all day, and she told one of her nurses that she would be going regardless of what they said.  She is a hoot, and is very sweet. 
The Branch is doing great!  They are still working on their attendance, and have been inviting lots of people to the branch bbq coming up here in July.  We hope to have a turn out like what we had for the Easter Brunch. 
I love you all, and hope that you are all doing well this week.  I want you to know that I know this is our Heavenly Father's church here on the Earth.  I know that because it is His church, we can see miracles happen all around us as we strive to accomplish His will. 

Sister Bakker

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