Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 7

Dear Mom,
We have had a great week, as usual! So many things have been happening, and the work just continues to progress out here.  To be honest, it is starting to get a little overwhelming.  We have so many people we are working with and teaching right now all over our area that we don't have time to do anything but drive from appointment to appointment.  The amount of work we have going on is unreal, and it just keeps on growing. 
So I think I have told you that we have begun to teach Robin and Dane's daughter, Britney, who is right around our age.  She has been off and on at church this last year, but before that hadn't been for awhile.  Well, she came to church this week and she brought her boyfriend, Josh, with her.  Everyone remembered him from Heather's baptism and welcomed him by name and seemed very excited to see both of them.  Later on that night, we got a call from Britney saying how she liked church and everything, and that in her still shocked voice, "Josh really liked it too!"  Josh grew up in the reorganized church, and hasn't been to church for awhile.  He told Britney that he felt super welcomed by the branch and enjoyed it a lot.  Not only does he want to come back next Sunday, but he has decided he wants to start taking the lessons so he can think about converting! Uh, yeah.  That just happened! 
We had a great lesson with our investigator, Karen this week.  She has had a hard time coming to church the last couple of weeks (for really good reasons), but really can feel that it was missing in her life.  We taught her about the Law of the Fast, and how it is an added strength to us for blessings that we feel we need.  The Jensons, her and us all fasted together this Sunday to help her family prepare for her baptismal date.  They have some pretty big challenges they are facing right now, and really can use your prayers (Karen & Nate)  to help Nate prepare, and Karen and Lexi to feel ready for August 2. 
We never seem to get a chance to slow down for very long out here, but that is a good thing.  I love being so busy and doing my very best.  As we strive to do EVERYTHING that the Lord asks of us, I have really come to understand and learn that He will help us to accomplish it all, even the little things.  Some how when you look at the clock, there just seems to be a few more minutes for us to get it all done.  I don't know how it works, but I know that it does.
I love you all!
Have a great week this week!
Sister Bakker

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