Monday, November 18, 2013

Nov 18

Hi Mom!
Sister Frampton is now a Sister Training Leader in the Bowling Green Biking area in the Toledo Zone.  So she is way out west.  She is going to freeze out there on a bike!  She was ready to go, despite how much she loved it here.  Everyone was so sad though.  I am glad that everyone was very warm to my new companion yesterday at church.  Her name is Sister Olson.   She is from Fallbrook, CA (by San Diego), and just turned 20.  She is really great!  We get along quite swimmingly.  I think part of it is that I feel like I am just winging it, and she doesn't have any experience, so just rolls with it.  She has a very laid back personality and is incredibly patient with me as I am learning too. 
It is a really good thing that she is patient after our crazy first week. The first night that Sister Olson was here, our furnace had shut off.  We woke up to the apartment being about 45 degrees!  Pretty cold for a Southern Cali girl.  We found out later that it was a miracle that it had shut off.  Our apartment manager sent over a repair man to take a look at everything.  He told us that our furnace was shooting out flames, and would heat up the place for just the day, and come back and replace it the next.  He said it should be fine, but shouldn't be left for longer than a day.  We agreed, and he had one more safety check to do before he left.  So we waited, and waited, and he came back finally.  He told us that our furnace had started leaking a large amount of carbon monoxide.  Had it not shut off in the middle of the night... well...  Miracle!   So we called our mission office to let them know what was happening at the apartment.  Right after, I lost the phone.  Of course I would!  Our apartment was freezing cold, the office had no way to get ahold of us if something went wrong, and it all happened on Sister Olson's first day here.  Classic.  Well, she will never forget that I guess. 
Zone conference
Just to put your mind at ease mom, our furnace has been completely replaced, and they added another CO detector to our other two, and we now have a phone.  Everything is hunky-dory here! 
Sister Olson has been picking up the schedule and everything else really quickly.  I am really impressed with her desire to work hard, and how she is focused on listening to the spirit.  I think I will be learning a lot from her these next three months rather than the other way around. 
We met with a whole bunch of people this week.  Jon came to church again yesterday!  He is just eating everything up that we give him!  He loves learning.  I wish I could say that we were perfect teachers, and that is why it was going so well, but it is not.  He is so prepared to hear the gospel at this time.  So we just show up as prepared as we can be, but the spirit does all the work. We ask very basic questions, watch as the spirit teaches him complex doctrine,  and then he applies it all to himself.  So incredible! 
This is Carol, Karen  and her husband Neil  (the dachsaund breeders), me, s. frampton, Julie  and her fiance and investigator Jon.
I know that the church is true.  I know that this is Jesus Christ's church, and that because we are doing His work miracles happen.  I love my mission!  I know that there is no other opportunity I will ever have to be able to dedicate 100% of my efforts to my Heavenly Father like this.  The things I am learning are incredible, and I feel it changing me for the better! 
I love you all so much!  Thank you for your support for me and Rooster! 
Sister D.K. Bakker

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