Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 2

Dear Mom,

I can honestly say that the super bowl is not as much fun as a missionary. We are advised not to go out during it all, so that was a bummer. Church actually was almost canceled yesterday because there was a huge snow storm that was being predicted for out here. Everyone was going crazy! They were buying bread and milk in bulk, and getting ready to hunker down, but it doesn't really make sense to me. It is not like snow is unusual in Ohio. And the snow was not even that bad. Sure it is still snowing, but we can go out just fine. Anyway, a lot of people didn't come to church because they were scared, which is understandable. It made for a fun day, though. It was smaller, and so many powerful testimonies were born. It is nice to have President Kirk and Sister Kirk there just as a part of the congregation.

Teaching is going well. We have been working with a few families who are doing great. Sister Takeuchi and I together have found quite a few less-active families that we didn't even know existed until recently. It has been fun to watch their progression. We have seen some good successes there.

The snow is great! I am loving every minute of it. Yes, it is cold. I know that the temperature says that it is cold, but when you check the wind chill factor it brings it down significantly. If it gets too much colder they will have us stay in, which would not be fun. The cold isn't too bad, though. You just dress right, and you are fine.

I love you all! I am grateful to be out here :)

Sister Bakker

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