Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November 24

Dear Mom,

Well, Sister Byers has left, and seems to be well. I was a little unsure about training a third time, but I am starting to realize why. Sister Takeuchi is awesome! I needed to be her companion. She is brand new, and straight from Hawaii. Fortunately, she went to school at BYUI, and is a little prepared for the cold. It is different here, though. She is doing really well! I love being her companion. I have been praying for her, and she is definitely an answer to my prayers. This week, we had a referral for a woman named N. She is from Flint, Michigan. Sister Takeuchi invited her to be baptized on our first lesson, and she set a date for 12/27/14, and her daughter is going to be baptized the same day. I am so excited for them!

We are looking forward to Thanksgiving this week. We have some good plans set up. The holiday season as a missionary is definitely my favorite. Not only is winter great, but everyone is in such a good mood around now. People are more loving, and quick to forgive and to give. It makes our work as missionaries so much more enjoyable. We have a lot of families out here who are ready to take care of us, too. I am so happy to be back in the same place for the holidays, I love this ward.

I love you all! Keep doing all the things that are important. Heavenly Father wants us all to go to heaven, and we get to choose if we are going or not. Go to heaven!


Sister Bakker

The Lineage from Sister Frampton

Sisters Greenwood, Bakker, Morris all trained by Sister Frampton

Sisters Olson, Bakker, Kunz and Takeuchi, trained by Dani

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