Thursday, November 6, 2014

November 3

Dear Mom,

Everything here is going well. We spent Halloween with Sister
C. She is older, and has a hard time getting up and down to
hand out candy. She tried to make us bratwursts (she said she
resisted putting the beer in just for us, I think she was kidding, but
we never know with her), but it took a pretty long time, and we ended
up having to leave. She is really sweet, though.

We have a family that is new here since I left. They are so great,
and we had a good lesson with them. The wife has a few people she
wants to share the gospel with, and asked us to bring by some
material. So we came back with some things, and started going through
it all, when her mother-in-law came in. She sat down and talked with
us for a bit. Come to find out she is a very faithful Christian, and
has attended many kinds of churches. Her son, the member here,
converted in college, and even served a mission. So she is fond of
the church, but has never taken the opportunity to pray and find out
for herself. Her daughter-in-law, courageously invited us to teach
the restoration right then and there, with no warning or preparation
on her part. We did so, and it was incredible!! Everyone there could
feel the strong spirit. There is something so special about our
unique message as members of Christ's true church. I know that it is
true. I know that it changes lives because I have seen it. There is
no other declaration on earth that can provide that spirit. I hope to
be able to have the courage that this sweet sister did, and share the
gospel as boldly as I can when directed by the spirit.

I love you all! I hope you have a great week.


Sister Bakker

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