Monday, January 13, 2014

Jan 13

Dear Mom,

Just for the record, we survived the cold.  Some places were recording lows like -22, and such.  If your factor in the wind chill it was way colder!!!  So what do you do when it gets that cold, and you are quarantined into your apartment for 48 hours?  Well, let's just say there is only so much scriptures you can read during that amount of time.  We watched all of the videos in our apartment, which is basically the district, and made some pretty good food.   After that our week returned to normal, and we got back to work.  It felt so good to get outside again!  
We had a really great experience teaching a woman who I really feel a connection with named Sandy.  She is funny, smart, and has a pretty strong testimony.  She just has a hard time going to church.  This week she opened up a lot about some of her questions about the next life, and had some pretty deep questions.  It was a perfect opportunity to introduce her to the concept of patriarchal blessings and encouraged her to work towards hers so she can gain answers she has been seeking.  We actually did the same thing with Judy and Katie this week.  Everyone is getting their patriarchal blessings I guess!  
Our final really cool experience was last night with Julie.  We took her out with us to go teaching, and she did so awesome!  We taught the Plan of Salvation, and she bore her testimony on the power of prayer and how to receive answers.  It was so great to see how on fire she is about the gospel.  I have seen that whole family completely change in the last few months.  All of these little changes, and moments we have had all built up to one big miracle.  I love being here in The Ohio, and getting to see hearts change.  I know that when we have faith and work hard, Heavenly Father will take care of the rest (even when it is -22 outside).  
Luckily Ohio can't decide if it should be hot or cold, and we should be okay to work for the next while.  It is a whopping 45 degrees out there, which means it is warm enough to put the puffy coat away for a few hours.  YES!  I love you all.  Thank you for your support. 

Sister Bakker

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