Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jan 21


Sister Olson and Olson St in Youngstown, OH
Well, we are still working hard and have lots of great things happening!  I don't know if I have ever told you that I am starting to really gain a strong testimony of Family History while being here, but it is happening.  A few months ago, when Elder Ballard was here, he told President Kirk that people were going to start finding themselves in the Kirtland Area (meaning Northeast Ohio), and not really know how they ended up here, despite other intentions.  He also said that we should help people focus on family history to specifically seek ancestors who were here in Kirtland with the saints.  I learned all of this as we taught with President Kirk to Jon and Julie.  It was amazing as President Kirk testified that that was why Jon and Julie had not gone to Arizona, like they had originally planned, but instead came to The Ohio.  We have been preparing them, and some other families for a class we are putting together in Youngstown on Family History.  We went over and taught a brief lesson on its importance and such, and briefly showed them how to use Family Search.  Jon then proceeded to tell us that we weren't going to be able to find any of his family.  About ten minutes later, with only a name and a death date, we had found more than 5 names for him to begin to work with!  He was literally bending the table in half as he leaned over excitedly seeing the information unfold!  What a great teaching opportunity for us!  I will let you know how the class goes.  The ultimate goal there is to help them prepare names to take for baptisms for the dead as soon as possible.
Alma St in Youngstown, OH
Sunday was also a great day.  Katie came to church, and seemed to have a good time.  The best part, however, came after church.  Here at the Alliance Ward, member baptisms happen after church generally.  So we stayed to witness Annie being baptized.  Her mother bore a powerful testimony, and told a bit of her conversion to the church.  Katie was excited to see a baptism, as she had never seen one, since she had only been to her own baptism.  After we sang I Am a Child of God, and the spirit was so strong.  These kind of moments make the freezing weather and rejection all worth it.  In that moment, we could feel the same spirit testify of the truthfulness of the gospel.  I know that our Heavenly Father loves us so much, and that we have been put into each other's lives for a reason.  We were foreordained to be where we are right now.  At some point in heaven I told Jon, Julie, and Katie that I was going to come down and find them.  We told each other we would help each other make it back one day.  That is what we did as a family.  I know that.  I am grateful for these experiences that help us remember why we are here.  I love you all. 


Sister Bakker

Dani and Sister Effe R.  

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