Monday, January 6, 2014

Dec 23

Hi Mom!
This week was really great!  There was a bunch that happened.  We ended up going to Kirtland with Jon, Julie and Carol.  I got to see The Johnson Farm for the first time, and that was a pretty incredible experience.  We then spent the rest of the day at the Historic Kirtland Village.  We were able to go around to all of the little homes and listen to the testimonies of the early saints.  Jon loved the history, and learning about the church that he has grown to love so much.  In the School of the Prophets, at the top of the Whitney store (also where the Word of Wisdom was reveled), Jon was able to bare his testimony on the power of the spirit and how he came to know the Book of Mormon is true.  Julie then bore her testimony on how it has given more purpose, and Carol even talked about her past experiences with the church and how she knew it was time to come back!  The spirit was so strong there!  So many exciting things are happening for their family right now!  Because of all of the changes, Carol's other daughter, Lora, decided it was time to come back to church also.  So she was there for the first time in years yesterday and brought her daughter Danielle!  That family has brought so much joy to the whole ward, and the changes that we have seen take place are tremendous.  It is just another testimony that this is our Savior's true church.  I know that he guides and directs our church. 
I love you all, and am grateful for your prayers and help.  I will talk to you soon! 
Sister Bakker

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