Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Apirl 29

Dear Mom,

First of all, we got transfer calls.  Sister Chapman will be leaving the Toledo Stake tomorrow.  I predict she will be somewhere up in the Cleveland Stake.  She was pretty sad, but ready to leave.  I will be staying here in St. Marys.  I hope I get to stay here quite a bit longer too.  There is no place like St. Marys in the whole mission. 
So this week was pretty exciting in a lot of ways.  We just keep having good things happen.  Last week, Sister Chapman and I spent some time during our companionship study and discussed all of the miracles that have happened these last two transfers.   The end result was a very long list and we were so full of gratitude for the privilege we have had serving here together.  We concluded that every single miracle we had seen was a direct result of the efforts of the members in the branch.  The success we had with Jim and other members who have been lost now returning has really sparked a flame in all of them.  I have never seen anything quite like it.  Each miracle came from a member’s involvement in teaching, inviting, visiting with, or praying for it to come to pass.  All we had to do was increase the faith of the members.  We did this by serving them and teaching them the Doctrine of Christ.  Preach My Gospel is inspired!!!
Update on all of the things that have been happening with investigators and returning members:
Tera went to Young Womens on Wednesday!!  The YW president went with us teaching and extended a personal invitation, and she loved it! 
New Investigator: Karen (girlfriend of less-active member Nathan, has 3 kids) has met with the Jensons a few times in the last two transfers.  The Jensons have had a goal to give us a successful referral the whole time they have been here, and boy did they work hard for it, and they deserve how prepared and excited Karen was.  We taught her the first discussion, and we all felt the spirit.  I have never seen an investigator identify the spirit so completely the during a first discussion like that.  She told us she "felt warm and kinda tingly inside and just really happy.  I really think this is what God wants for me."  She said that over and over.  She knows how happy this will make her family, and she accepted the invitation to be baptized.  Now she needs some more solid support from her boyfriend (hopefully soon fiancé), so some prayers may help her there. 
Jim is finer than a frog's hair split two ways.  That is all there is to say.  Last night he and Brother Y took us out for dinner at Pullman Bay in Celina.   They have pretty good food, but awesome homemade pies.  It sits right outside of the Grand Lake St Marys, so we had a pretty view. 
Josh came to church!  There has been so much going on lately, and he really seems to have some desire to make changes.  We have just been reading scriptures with him for a few minutes in the park, and have seen some progress.  We talked to him after church, and he told us that he had started reading scriptures on his own (without us telling him to), and that he had read the story of Adam and Eve and about Christ coming to the Americas, and all of it was talked about in church. 
We got to go help the Fs out again this week.  We did a lot of stacking wood (found out what a "woody" or a wood roach is, not a pretty bug).  We also spent a lot of time chasing baby chickens, ducks and turkeys so we could clean out the garage and get them ready to move them out to the barn.  Those turkeys followed us around in a big group all night.  Robyn calls them her "latchkey kids." Oh, did I tell you they have a litter of kittens.  I still have a soft spot for 'em.  Heather and I named one Frankie.  Brother F made us fajitas.  MMMM!  We will be having Sister Chapman's "last supper" with them tonight.
New Investigator:  Amber.  Brother Y referred us to a family that is related to some less-actives in the Lima Ward.  Amber is in her 30's and is so sweet!  She lives up in Spencerville.  We forgot to write down her house number, so we called Brother Y to remind us where it was at.  He couldn't remember either.  So we told him not to worry, and we would see if we could figure it out.  We found her really quick, and had a short and sweet lesson with her.  As we walked out we saw Brother Y, with his hair all slicked back, pulling up on a big orange tractor to come rescue us!  HA!  No one will ever be able to top our awesome Branch Mission Leader.  He really must love us. 
We hope to have another family, Christy and her kids, at church next Sunday in addition to everyone else.  We went over to see her, and she simply recognized it was time to come back. 
I love serving here.  I love my mission!  I have come to realize this week that I needed to serve a mission.  I was right in my feeling when I said that I would be okay whether I served or didn't before I left, and that Heavenly Father would still be pleased with me, but this is what I was supposed to do.  The Lord is easy to please but hard to satisfy.  D&C 7....  SO GOOD!!!
I love you all very much!  I am excited to talk with you on Mother's Day. 


Sister Bakker

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