Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7


Conference was the best!  We loved it out here that is for sure.  I think my favorite talk was Elder Scott's.  I have been trying to learn how I can be better about trusting and things here, and I took those questions with me to Conference.  Elder Scott really answered that when he talked about how children of our Father can do amazing things when you trust them.  He really talked about how we can help others come unto Christ wherever they may be in their conversion process through our example, the way Christ taught us.  I loved that!  Also, I didn't get to watch all of Priesthood session, but I did see Elder Oaks talk about women and the priesthood too, and that was awesome!  It helped me remember to when I was set apart as a missionary, I remember the stake president giving me authority, and it confused me a bit.  I now understand better how that works. 

Our week went really well with the lessons we have had and so forth.  Dane went on a business trip to Memphis last week, and to help him continue on the path he is on, we sent him and the rest of the family scriptures each day.  They sometimes would read them together as a family over the phone, which really got them on a role.  We sent Dane down with a ton of talks to listen to as he made the long drive, and he listened to all of them (which is just hours of church basically).  He came home super excited (and early so he would be home for priesthood session)!!  We saw him the next night, and he was on fire from everything.  He went down to the Memphis, TN temple, and was looking at quads for Heather to get them going as a family.  Friday night he decided himself to quit dippin' and has stuck with it.  The whole time, Heather kept whispering questions to her mom like, "how soon can I be baptized?"  This weekend really felt like a break through with them.  We went and made pizza with Robyn and Heather while Dane was at priesthood, Saturday.  She even let us help her out in the barn a bunch.  Her baby goats are super fun.

We ended up having to watch the first session of conference on Saturday later on as that was when Jill's funeral was.  Sister Chapman and I have taken a lot of time this week to talk through some of the things, and it has really helped to get a grasp on what our role is in helping the family, and give us some closure with her death.  Sister Chapman sang at the funeral, and did a really great job!  Jill I am sure was really happy that she did that for her. 

We have had a great week.  Conference was definitely the cherry on top of the cake.  I know that those men are prophets of God, and that the things they talked about are what we need to make a priority in our lives today.    I am grateful that we can receive answers to our questions by listening and studying the things that the prophets tell us.  Our Father in Heaven cares about us, and the things we are worried about.  He will help us receive answers.


Sister Bakker

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