Monday, September 9, 2013

Sept 9

Hey Mom!

I know it is crazy that time keeps on rolling!  Time has started to go faster this week.  I finally am starting to find my feet and feeling success.  I really appreciate you sending me everyone's letters each week, and getting letters from everyone.  Always fun to get letters in the mail!  Tell the kids I would almost rather them write me hand written letters.  I have more time to do that anyway. 
 So this week we have had a lot of fun and success!  Sister Frampton and I went out to follow up on some old referrals and less-actives right after I email last week.  Nothing went through, and we had a lot of negative mean responses that day.  So we went to the last house, and after being rejected again we noticed a construction worker sitting and waiting for his concrete guy to come up.  We went over and found out his name is Craig.  Craig doesn't believe in church.  That is great because neither do we!  Ha!  I told him that, and he immediately dropped his guard.  We told him how we believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and that it doesn't matter what building you attend, you always find the same teachings there.  He liked that.  He told us that our church was the best he had ever heard of.  So we taught him the whole restoration right then and there!  He was eating it up like candy!  His eyes were glowing and you could tell he was feeling the spirit.  After we shared the first vision, he said "I believe everything you are saying."  He asked if we would keep teaching him right there! Ha!  We didn't want to overwhelm him so we are trying to set up a good time to meet back up with him.  He accepted to be baptized and everything!  The church is true!  If that was the only good thing I do for the next 18 months, it was worth it!  I love being a missionary! 
On Thursday we went out tracting, and kept being rejected.  People here are mostly Catholic because of tradition.  We knocked on our last door for the night, and a big dog came rolling out barking and growling.  We heard a laugh from a man inside, who put the dog in another room.  He came out and said, "sorry, the dog is a Lutheran."  Ha!  Never heard that before!  The man's name is Tom, and he is a journalist and a recently graduated lawyer.  He made the joke that he is Tom, which means by nature he is Thomas the Doubter.  He is super smart, and was fascinated by us.  We were the first missionaries he ever met, and kept pushing us to argue.  When we didn't he decided he wasn't interested and left.  Before he did, we shoved a card in his hand with our number on it.  He scoffed and left.  On Friday much to our astonishment we got a call from Tom with the Lutheran dog!  He said he wanted to hear our message.  We met with him Saturday.  The lesson was a bit wild with questions.  He has read a lot of literature, just none that has been sanctioned by the church.  The best thing we walked away with though, was establishing what he wants.  He told us he was envious of our faith and surety of what we believe.  He said he wanted that in his life, and has been seeking the truth.  He says he can't have the truth without us being able to answer all of his weird Joseph Smith questions first though.  We will see how that goes, but I feel like if we can help him establish and understanding that God loves him, and that the Book of Mormon is from our Father in Heaven, the questions won't matter.  It is just about getting him to that point. 
Well, I love being a missionary, I love Ohio, and I love working.  I am starting to understand doctrine more and more, and hopefully I will be at the place as some of these other folks!  Thank you for all you do for me! 

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