Monday, September 16, 2013

Sept 16

I don't know if the emails will shorten.  I am sure they will, but I love telling you all of the things that happen here.  Being a missionary you see miracles every single day!  It is incredible how much our Heavenly Father's hand is in the work. 
It is cold here now.  Amazingly enough we had the hottest day ever on Tuesday (90), and these last few days have been ranging between 50-60.  Definitely time to bring out the raincoats and umbrellas too!  We have had a bunch of rain, which makes tracting even more interesting! 
This week Elder Bowen from the 70 came and spoke to us.  It was incredible experience!  Sister Frampton and I walked away feeling like we needed to do better about talking to everyone and teaching pure doctrine, rather than finding common ground in Jesus Christ.  Everyone here is Catholic, Protestant, or Lutheran, and we all have Him in common.  Our difference lies in the Restoration and the unique truths that have been restored because of it.  So we have been having more success. 
Our mission wide goal is for every companionship to have at least 3 new investigators weekly.  Sister Frampton and I were very inspired after Elder Bowen to achieve this goal.  We did it by Friday and were so proud of it!  So Sunday rolled around, and we had about an hour and half to work that night with no appointments.  So we went tracting!  We had a lot of rejection all over that street.  We finally came to a home, right before we had to go in because of the dark, with the lights on.  Their door is glass, and inside a woman was sitting at her kitchen table canning tomatoes and pumpkin butter.  She just waved us on in.  We walked on in, and she thought we were her son's friends.  Ha!  Surprise!  You just let the Mormon missionaries in!  So funny!  After talking for a bit, we found out her brother is a convert to the church, but that her family is still Catholic.  We talked with Mary and her kids, Charles and Marcella, who are about 18.  Her brother was sealed in the SL Temple, and they had tons of questions.  Some of their questions were way weird, and we didn't know where they got those ideas, or how to answer.  We turned the conversation back to the Restoration and taught very simply.  Mary kept asking strange questions, and insisted that there is no need for just one faith.  Her kids were seemingly in awe though.  At the end of the lesson I felt prompted to bear testimony to Marcella specifically.  I just told her I knew it was true and that she could too.  They asked about the Book of Mormon for a bit, and I handed it specifically to Marcella.  She is excited to read it.  We have an appointment with all of them on Sunday again.  So to total up our investigators for the week: 6 new investigators!  We doubled our goal!  Don't tell anyone, but sometimes I think tracting is fun! 
I know The Lord's hand is in everything we do, especially when it comes to gathering the House of Israel.  We just have to have faith.  Faith leads to miracles.  I love being a missionary!  I love seeing the way people's eyes light up when they recognize the truth we share.  The church is true!  I love you all! Thank you for your support!  
P.S. the pictures is of Sister Frampton and I in front of Handel's Ice Cream.  My understanding is it started here in Ohio, and it is still centered here.  It is incredible ice cream and everyone here is obsessed!  Also the other picture is of me and Sister Wygant, a Sister Training Leader, who I went on exchanges with about two weeks ago. 

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