Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January 6

Hi Mom,

D is doing great! He came to church this week, and he really stood out. He seemed to really like fast and testimony meeting. He liked it so much that before we knew it, he waltzed right up there to the podium and bore his own testimony. He showed the congregation that he had been reading the Book of Mormon, and that he was determined to find out if it is all true. It was actually pretty cool. He sounds like a baptist minister when he speaks, and there was a lot of power in what he said. I think that the ward was pretty excited to have him there. Then better yet, one of the members who remembers his father from 20 years ago, also got up and bore her testimony and over the pulpit welcomed D. We think he will be coming back to church. It was a warm welcome.

G is doing great too! She is trying to come to church every Sunday, as much as her parents will permit, at least. She has grown a lot since I taught her a year ago. She is so much more willing to accept things on faith, and live all the commandments. I love her!

I love being able to be here and be apart of the work I did a year ago. It is pretty special to continue with these same families. I love being a missionary!

Well, I love you all!

Sister Bakker

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