Friday, January 23, 2015

January 20

Dear Mom,

All is well here.  We have been making good progress with D.  We actually only really get to see G once a month, and pray that she gets to come to church more than once a month.  That is her rules for right now.  We are expecting both of them for church this week, though.  We actually have Stake Conference, which not only means that we only have to drive 20 minutes this week, but also that Elder D. Todd Christofferson is coming!!  It was supposed to be a different member of the 70 coming, but last minute it changed and now he is coming with someone else from the 70, I think it might be Elder Gerard.  We are so excited!  Everyone is speculating that some big change is coming, but I will let you know for sure what happens next week.  

I have gotten some good news this week.  Sister Hemenway, who is still in Strongsville, sent me a letter.  I guess they randomly got a call on their phone from someone who was asking for me and Sister Kunz.  It was T!  She had changed phones, and lost our number, and decided to come back to church and re-investigate!!!  It is so good to get news like that.  

I know that this church is true.  I know that the atonement is real, and that because of it we can each change and become better and stronger.  I also know that we can know where we stand with Heavenly Father at all times.  We don't have to guess to know if He is pleased or not.  It is the best thing ever to get so serve Him in this capacity.  

I love you all! 


Sister Bakker

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