Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12

 Dear Mom,

 We have had a cold week! Thank goodness for my  big purple coat! Through thick and thin, that thing has been the  best! I am so grateful for the boots Grandma sent last year, those have also been great! I have been loving the snow, though. Everyone has pity for Sister Takeuchi because of the cold. I can't imagine why...
David and Gia are doing good. It has been hard to meet with anyone this week for the most part. The rumor is out here that the flu shot didn't work, and everyone is getting the flu. Tons of people are super sick out here, and so we are just trying to avoid getting it. Hopefully we have better updates for you after the bug dies down.  We had a great week at church. There was a bunch of people who came, who don't normally make it. So that was great! We have been working really hard to bring more people back into activity.

 I am loving working! We are just plugging alone, despite the cold and snow. There is no better time to work hard than right now. I LOVE IT!
 Love you all!

Sister Bakker
P.S. Talk to you probably next tuesday because of MLK day.

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