Saturday, December 13, 2014

December 8

Dear Mom,

I am glad you had a calm week.  We did get to watch the Christmas Devotional.  We loved it!  My week was kind of calm for a little bit until this morning...

So Grandma Peterson wrote me, and said that she was hoping that my furnace would be working properly this time around.  I am sure everyone remembers the fiery furnace incident of 2013 with Sister
Olson in Canfield.  Well, my furnace is working great to put all of your minds and hearts at ease.

This morning we woke up to really loud pounding coming from the windows and doors around our main level (we sleep on the second level).  It was about 4 in the morning, and the pounding wasn't a
soft, quiet pounding.  It was a loud, ferocious, terrifying pounding. I am still surprised by how quickly I was able to respond.  I jumped right up, woke up my companion, and grabbed the phone in a few
seconds.  As I was running down the stairs I thought it smelt like smores and camping.  I thought that was weird, in my 4:00 am state of mind. I put two and two together when I pulled the blinds aside and
saw the red flashing lights and a big fireman outside trying to shout orders at us.  We didn't have time to grab anything but our keys. There was a lot of smoke, and it was billowing up through the basement.  They asked us a bunch of questions about what we could have been burning that would have caught on fire.  They were surprised that I knew how long it had been since I had lit a match as we aren't supposed to handle fire as missionaries.  So there were no candles, or anything to be found.  They came back a second time, and asked if there was an incense burning, and quick to tell us we wouldn't get in trouble.  I think they thought we were lying or trying to hide something.  We sat in our car for an hour as we watched the firemen and police try to find the origin.  They walked in and out and up and down and all the way through our apartment several times.  They were shining big spot lights everywhere and waking people up.  It was a big ruckus!  Finally, they came over to us and explained that our neighbor had been smoking outside, and wasn't careful with his cigarette.  It set the mulch outside on fire, and was burning all the way through and creating a ridiculous amount of smoke.  The whole time they thought we had done something careless, they seemed a bit apologetic.  Turns out our smoke detector upstairs doesn't do much if there is smoke downstairs.  Weird how that works, right?  So the fireman said he would call our apartment people, and get it all straightened out.

So just a few hours later, a couple of hours of sleep less, and reeking of smoke everywhere we go, here we are.  This has got to be God's work, because why else would Satan try so hard to make it more
difficult for us to work?

I love you all!  Thank you for all you do for me and Lyssa.  We really appreciate it!


Sister Bakker

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