Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December 15

Dear Mom,

All is well with us. The smoke smell is still present, but seems to be subsiding. We are recovering okay. Sister Takeuchi wasn't freaked out or anything by it. She is pretty resilient. I can honestly say that I have had some weird experiences and some scary ones out here that are not normal. We were talking with Sister M, and she said that neither of her boys ever reported anything like that back from their missions. Maybe boys just don't tell their families about it.

This week has been good. Everyone here has been getting sick, so a lot of our appointments keep getting canceled, but that is okay. It just gives us more opportunities to follow the spirit and bless others. This week we decided to make a big batch of pumpkin cookies, and go and deliver them to who ever we felt inspired to give them too. There is something about a plate of cookies that just softens people's hearts. Plus everyone in Ohio has their own cookie traditions, and have these big parties all about cookie exchanges, and weddings with a cookie table, and so on. So everyone here loves cookies. One of the ladies we visited this week even had a box of Little Dutch Boy Cookies from Family Dollar! People out here love them.

D, our investigator in Youngstown, is doing good. We taught him the restoration this last week, and he was very sincere. He really wants it all to be true. He is praying about Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and baptism this week. It is exciting!

Last but not least, our mission prep class is expanding!!! The class started with me and Sister Frampton last year with only 5 kids. This
Sunday there was 17 there, all representing the New Castle Ward,
Youngstown Ward, Alliance Ward, and the Lisbon Ward. Better yet, it is still growing. It is a pretty big turn out over all. We are pretty excited about that success, and the kids are growing so fast! Last week we had a mock investigator come, and most of the kids didn't know her so they thought it was real. They all taught the restoration, and invited her to be baptized. So cool!

Well, I love you all! I know that this work is so important. I don't want to leave here, but I can't wait to be able to do more than I am doing now when I get home. There is so much more than I ever realized to missionary work. I know you all get the ensign, which means you got the sheet with the "He is the Gift" cards. There are nine of them. I challenge you to have them all out by Christmas. It is a pretty big initiative that is happening. The first presidency is having us, as missionaries, report to them every single week directly. I know that when you do pass them out, that Heavenly Father will help you to know who, when and how to do so. You will feel the spirit, and it will make you want to hand out more. That is just how missionary work goes!


Sister Bakker

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