Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sept 15

Hi mom,

My mission has helped me so much in my life and I have learned a lot about the plan of salvation, my purpose here, and how I can help others go to heaven. I will never regret serving a mission.

So this week has been so great! We have really been trying to build
up this area, and we have been hitting a lot of walls these last two
transfers. We have some ideas cooking up our sleeve that hopefully
will all pan out. As of this week, I don't know if you remember me
talking about a couple we found in Firestone a couple of weeks ago...
Well it turns out she is uncomfortable being taught by men, and so we
have been given permission to teach T and her niece A (12)!
We had an awesome lesson this week with them focused on the Plan of
Salvation, and the need to be baptized. They are now preparing to be
baptized on 11/20/14. They came to church with us last week, and are
coming to the Gladys Knight fireside this weekend with us! We have
been praying and fasting for people to teach, and are finally starting
to see the answers to our prayers! Such a blessing from Heavenly
Father that we get to teach them. They are doing really wonderful!
They do need prayers, though.

Sister Bakker

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