Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October 7

Dear Mom,

I am being transferred somewhere outside of the Cleveland Stake. I have no idea where I am headed, but you will all find out next week probably.  Sister Kunz will be staying here waiting for someone else to come in and join her, and continue to build up this place of miracles.

We have had a really awesome week! I love General Conference because we always see miracles as missionaries. We saw exactly what you saw, with the voice over language thing. I loved the talk by Elder Jorg Klebingat. I don't know that it could have been said more plainly. I
would agree with dad's thought of it being about choices and
consequences. Another theme I saw was the need for our own personal
conversion. Everyone emphasized the need to continually strengthen
and fortify ourselves not just for what is to come in the future, but
what is happening all around us right now. Prayer, scripture study,
family home evening, and temple attendance are so crucial. I also
loved Elder Anderson's quote about how spiritual questions deserve
spiritual answers. If we really must know something, we have to ask
God directly, and seek His word for our answers.

I love serving in this ward. We have seen success in different ways
than what I saw in St. Marys or in Alliance. We have seen individuals
change in ways that no one has yet seen before. On Sunday, we received a surprise phone call from Bishop G to thank us for helping a
particular sister in our ward. We have also worked really hard to see
miracles in finding. It is really hard to find the way that Elder Teh
was talking about, but that is how Sister Kunz and I have been
primarily working for the last two transfers. We are finally starting
to see some of the fruits of our finding efforts. Just last night we
had one of the most incredible lessons with our new investigator,
C.  She has been taught by the missionaries before, and has a great relationship with many of the people in our ward already. She knows that she needs something that we have to offer
because she feels the presence of the Holy Ghost when she talks with
us or thinks about this. She is willing to work and pray about it.
Last night, Sister Kunz and I pretty much taught her all of the 5
lessons out of preach my gospel. Not because we had planned that, but
because her questions lead to everything we teach as missionaries. She
understood it all very well, and even seemed to answer her own
questions about some older practices in the church and was able to
accept it. She is willing to pray to come to know if Christ really is
the Messiah and Savior, which she has never had a testimony of before.
It was an incredible lesson!

There are so many wonderful things happening here, and I can't wait to
see where else I am called to be apart of different miracles. I know
the atonement is real, and that we have the power to change. I know
that there is such a thing as peace of conscious, and that we can have
confidence in our eternal salvation. I love this gospel, and I love
being a missionary!

I love you!


Sister Bakker

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