Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 27

Dear Mom,
This week was great! We had a fun Halloween activity this last
Friday, and had a great turn out! J and J took us, and had a
great time. They are doing well. I really love them. We also had
the primary program this week, and that was a ball. It is weird to
think that the only primary programs I have seen on my mission have
been here in the Alliance Ward. It is always a good time to hear some
of the kids having yelling matches as they sing, chasing each other
around the benches, and some of them chewing on their chairs and the
posts in front. All of that being said, the spirit was so strong, and
our attendance was almost a 1/4 greater than it usually is, which is a
great sign. There were many nonmembers there who were able to feel
that sweet tender spirit as the kids testified of our Eternal
Families. That is one of the best ways for anyone to feel the spirit,
to "come and see" for themselves.
I love being a missionary, and serving in this way. Every time I am
transferred I feel like I learn a little more about some of my
weaknesses and about my strengths and it really helps me to remember
how the Lord wants to help us grow (Ether 12:27, the scripture I chose
for the plaque).
I love you!


Sister Bakker

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