Friday, October 24, 2014

October 20

Dear Mom,

I have thought about it a little this week, and I realized how short
my time is getting. It is a little freaky to think about. Honestly,
as a missionary, you just feel like you are going to be a missionary
forever. It never feels like you are going to take off the tag.
This week has been great for me. I have not yet figured out my
specific purpose in coming back. I don't know that there is just one,
but I am definitely learning a lot more than I am probably helping.
Sister Byers has seen a lot of success in increasing all of our key
indicators, which means that we are teaching a lot more, and that our
focus is where the Lord needs it to be. That has been exciting. I
have also learned some pretty valuable lessons. Some unanticipated
things happened this week, that were unavoidable and considered to be
disobedient as missionaries (nothing big or anything). They were
things that we could have been better prepared for, but in all honesty
were mostly out of our control. I felt terrible! I was quick to take
blame, and pushed myself a lot harder than I should have been. Sister
Byers lovingly taught me that the Savior does not want me to beat
myself up for those things that happen. Yes, our repentance needs to
match our actions, but we also need to rely on His grace. I realized
that these lessons were needed for me to better understand what our
investigators, less actives, and members feel. Sometimes it is hard to
keep the commandments, and sometimes things are just out of our
control. Sometimes life is just hard, and all we can do is our best. I
thought I understood this principle, but I feel like it is all new to
me. I have felt a stronger sense of strength as I have come to rely
on Him, and know that I am enough.
I love my mission so much! I have been so blessed by our family's
sacrifices for so many of us to serve. Thank you!

Sister Bakker

Being dropped off for transfers 

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