Saturday, October 4, 2014

August 31

Hi Mom,

You will never guess what happened this week! Well I don't know if
any of you have forgotten what I sound like when I sing, but somehow
they got me to get up there and sing for a special musical number in
church! It was the 6 missionaries in the ward, and we sang our
mission song. It actually turned out pretty good. I really felt the
spirit as we sang. It is such a powerful song!

Another positive, we had a meeting on Saturday to prepare for Gladys
Knight and her choir, Saints Unified Voices to come. It is a pretty
big deal that they are coming here, and we have been doing a crazy ton
to get ready for it all. That meeting we were supposed to meet with
everyone in the Toledo Stake (which should have been Sister O'Banion
and her new companion). Turns out they couldn't make it. They were
at Sister M's baptism!! I was so happy to hear that everything
went okay. I haven't gotten pictures yet, but I will send them on
when I do.

This week we had a lot of meetings, so not too much to report.

Sister Kunz had her first chance to invite someone to be baptized. It
went pretty stellar! She did a great job! I am really happy to be
serving with her.

I love you all! I hope you have a really great week!


Sister Bakker

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