Thursday, August 14, 2014

August 11

Dear Mom,

I still love living with the other sisters.  I think it is a great time.  We don't walk a ton.  We still drive.  There is rumor that they will make this a biking area.  There are a lot of hills here, so it would be tough for whoever does it.  The highest point in Ohio is here.  

This week, we didn't have too much to report on.   Sister Kunz is a great missionary!  She really is learning quickly.  I feel like she is teaching me more than anything else which is awesome.  The area here is different.  We have less people to work with because it is so small.  We have pretty much no one in our teaching pool, but we are working on that.  We are trying to serve in as many places as we can.  The ward is good to us.  They have had a big turnover of missionaries here in the last few months, which has been hard for them.  It is hard to let in another set, that according to their past experience, will be leaving in a transfer or less.  They are really supportive, though.  

I know that nothing happens in missionary work until we have someone to teach.  Finding people to teach is primarily the role of members.  The members here in the Strongsville Ward have a huge desire to find people for us to teach.  Many of them are working on certain people as we speak, and that is so effective.  I can't wait to go home and do the same thing.  I love my mission, but a missionary is so limited in the impact that you can have on helping people join the church.  I have seen a lot of success on my mission.  More than a lot of missionaries.  The successes that I have had here is not because of the missionaries.  All of the success has come because of the primary support of the members.  I know that is true.  

I am so grateful for my mission, and love being here so much!  I love you all!


Sister Bakker

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