Monday, June 16, 2014


Hi Mom!

We have had an interesting week.  Sister O'Banion felt a sharp pain on Wednesday morning, which she quickly identified as her 12th kidney stone.  Yup.  She was doing pretty good at managing the pain on Wed. and we took it easy by just staying in, and come Thursday morning I woke up to her being crippled over in a ton of pain.  She has had quite a few in the last two years, and I calmly asked her if we needed to go to the hospital.  She didn't answer for a minute and then squeaked out, "yeah we better..."  So I grabbed some essentials, got her into the car, and we headed off.  I want you to know that I have never even seen the ER out here, let alone been there, but somehow we made it.  The whole way there we were guided right to the doors.  I then proceeded to make all the necessary phone calls to insurance companies, Sister Vellinga, and to the Jensons (for a priesthood blessing).  Mom, I think that whole calm thing I get from you, because both Sister Vellinga and I were a bit surprised at how calm I was with everything. 

She didn't pass the stone until later on Saturday.  During that time Sister O'Banion was pretty well crippled over in pain.  They gave her some hydrocodone, which really did some funny things to her mind.  She was out of it for awhile.  We had some conversations about giant sandwiches, blue rainbows, and the rain storm (that really never happened, even though she claims it did).  She also slept a lot when she had enough pain medicine that she could sleep through the pain.  So for those four days I was pretty much left to my own devices.  I tried to stay busy with the scriptures, and missionary dvds.  After a certain point, though, you have to put it down.  I cleaned, and cooked, and cleaned some more.  Sometimes I would poke my head out the door and feel the breeze from outside.  That was nice.  I almost went crazy!  I would not be a good in a plastic bubble. That is all my side of the story.  Sister O'Bainon is doing much better now.  I hope never to have a kidney stone, that was brutal for her. 

I spoke in church yesterday, again.  That is what happens in a branch.  You get called on to speak a lot!  Things are going really well in the branch.  We have been seeing a lot of new people, and things are happening.  We received a media referral for a kid named Collin.  He is 23, and has a lot of things he is trying to work through, but he has been talking to the missionaries online and was really excited to meet with us.  Hopefully that goes well this next week. 

I love you all, and am so grateful that I have the ability to work now, and that things are going well.  Have a great week! 


Sister Bakker

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