Thursday, May 29, 2014

May 27

Goslings in Celina

Hi Mom,

The F’s are doing awesome!  Heather's baptism is this week.  They asked me to speak on the Holy Ghost, and Sister O'Banion will be singing "When I am Baptized."  It is going to be awesome!  I just made them some invitations to invite their friends.  Heather is taking them to school with her to share with her classmates and stuff.  They are just stellar!  They had the Jenson's and us over for ribs and bbq chicken on Saturday, and the Jenson's were pretty overwhelmed with the amount of great food! 

We have seen the B's (the shoe repair family).  They are doing really well.  We had an awesome Restoration lesson with them last week.  Their 16 year-old seems to be the most interested, but they are all eager to learn.  Their youngest acts just like Jacky Boy so it is fun to talk with him.  We won't be meeting with them this week since they have a ton of stuff going on with graduation and different things this week, and Dale took vacation time off of work so...  We will see them next week, though.  They have all been reading and praying about the Book of Mormon.  They are a good family to keep in your prayers that is for sure! 

This week we have had all sorts of really great things happen!  We had Elder Holland come and speak to us last Wednesday, and that was so awesome!  Since we are so far away, we spent about 12 hours in the car that day to drive up for the three hour meeting, and then pack up and drive straight back.  It was exhausting both spiritually and physically.  Elder Holland talked a lot about how our mission is something we will look back on for the rest of our lives, and to give it everything we have got.  He started out pretty intense by just walking around and looking at all of us, and then all of the sudden he jumped in front of Sister Byers, put his hands around her neck and shouted, "I am right here close enough where I can just get you!"  He then said, "None of you are safe!  I can get to each and every one of you in a single bound!"  Ha!  He was very comical, and inspirational.  He talked about a lot of things that I need to do better on. As we left, we exchanged with the Sister Training Leaders, and guess who I got to be companions with... Sister Frampton! 

It was awesome to go on exchanges with her again!  We were able to see a ton of miracles!  For example, we stopped by a potential's house, and outside across the street was a less-active man, Brother G, just sitting there reading.  No one has seen him in about a year!  Such a miracle!  We got to talk with him, and had an awesome lesson with Karen, her daughter Lexi and her boyfriend Nathan.  Guess what!  Karen has a baptismal date set for August 2!  She is doing so awesome, and her daughter Lexi wants to be baptized as well!  So many great things happened that day, but the best part was getting to talk with Sister Frampton.  She is just starting to wind down (she leaves in August), and I just hit my half way mark, so we reflected back to all that happened in Youngstown, and how much we have changed since then.  It was really incredible to talk with her. 

I love my mission so much!  There are great things happening here constantly, and I wish that I had more time to share it all with you.  I love you all! 


Sister Bakker

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