Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 19

Dear Mom,
Things are going well here in St. Marys.  We had a record breaking day of 67 yesterday, and we were missing some of our regulars, so that was really good!  We are really feeling good about how the work is going out here.  We had Zone Conference this last week, and President Vellinga has put a huge emphasis on Family History work and Church Attendance.  We are supposed to invite everyone to church, and we were able to see some of the results of that yesterday.  For example, Isaac came, but rather than calling to tell him we got him a ride, we went over and invited him and the rest of his family, so he brought his daughter, son-in-law and son with him.  We also invited Cierra, who is a fairly recent convert, but stopped going to church soon after her elders left.  She came and brought her baby boy with her, and she really seemed to enjoy it. 

We had a neat contacting experience yesterday involving Family History.  A member of the branch, Brother B, is confined to a wheelchair after a really bad stroke he had a few years back.  He is a smart guy, and is frustrated with his slow speech and lack of mobility.  Anyway, because he can't get around well, when people knock on the door all he can do is say, "come in."  He gets a wide variety of individuals in his home because of it, and it drives his wife nuts!  Anyway, they had a boy come to the door, and he swears he looked just like an elder with a tag on.  He was trying to sell him something, and they ended up talking about Christ instead.  The boy, Samuel, told them his story of having gone to 3 years of catholic high school, and then went on for another 7 years to become a priest.  At the very end, after he finished, he decided that it wasn't what God wanted him to be doing.  Sister B had walked in at the end, and happened to have served a mission herself when she was younger.  She really felt like he should be a member of the church, and testified of the importance of families centered on Christ.  He left a business card with her with no other information than his name, and the office phone number he worked for.  So after the B’s told us this story, they passed the card on to us.  There wasn't much we could do with it, so Sister Jenson offered to look him on Google.  Isn't that so creepy?  What is creepier is that it worked!  So we went over and "tracted" into the address she gave us and met his dad.  He is one of the most humble men I have ever met in all my life.  He is very strong Catholic, and doesn't seem to believe the Catholic doctrine fully, though he didn't say that out right.  We talked about how the adversary is attacking this world at the family level, and he really believed that.  We talked more about what we were doing out here, and asked if we could come back and share the Family Proclamation with him and the rest of his family (they have 11 kids).  He agreed, and seemed interested to know what the proclamation would say that would tie into what he believed and knew to be true.  So cool! 

S Bakker, E Baker, E Barker
Another cool story from this week.  So I don't know if I ever told you about getting my shoe repaired up in Wapak, but we got to talking to the shop owner, and he was really impressed with us, and said we could come over.  Well we had our first lesson with him and his family (Dale & Julie and their boys Jacob-20, Austin-16, Nick-14) on Tuesday.  It was great to testify boldly about the further truth we can add to their already strong faith in Christ.  Their son Austin was the most interested in hearing all the things that we knew, and how it differed from what he believed.  We are going back tomorrow night. 

There have been a couple of other really neat things that have happened this week, and great lessons we have experienced.  All in all, St. Marys is growing like a weed that can't slow down!  There is so much work for Sister O'Banion and I to do here.  I know that this truly is the time for the hastening of the Lord's work.  I know that we can either choose to be apart of it or not, but it will go forward regardless.  It is exciting to be a missionary at this time.

I love you all, and am so grateful for your support and examples.


Sister Bakker

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