Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12

Dear Mom,
It was so great to see you yesterday!  All is still going well here in SM.  I pretty much gave you the update on all of the great things that happened this week, so if I repeat anything I said yesterday... well I am sorry:)
So this week, the best news of all is that the F's set a date for Heather's baptism.  Dane will be ready to baptize her by May 31!!!  SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They really are doing so great.  Last time we were at the F's, we told Dane that they didn't need us anymore.  That they were solid and ready to go.  He agreed, and then quickly added, "but don't think that means you aren't comin' over here anymore."  He was pretty serious.  So we will keep teaching Heather the lessons, and I guess the F's will keep on feeding us.  Probably not the greasy groundhog, though.  I think their cats already ate him. 
We had an interesting encounter with one of the less-actives in the area named Allan.  He is originally from Silicon Valley, and it shows! He owns a computer repair shop in downtown St. Marys.  We went into the shop and had some fun conversation with him about what he does, and his opinions on certain computers.  Past teaching records didn't really seem to match up with what who we met that day.  He was very pleasant, and inviting.  We are hoping to go back and teach him some more.  We asked him last time what had grabbed is interest initially in the church.  He told us it was the church's "wonder bread values."  I think he still believes in the church, but just needs to work through some things.  He told us next time we come over, he is going to show us how to build a computer smaller than a deck of cards.  I am pretty excited.  He made this gadget that turns of all tvs in a room.  All he has to do is push a button.  Not surprised at all that he is from Silicon Valley. 
We had an awesome lesson with Karen and her boyfriend, Nathan.  Nathan seemed to have his interest peaked as we were talking about the Book of Mormon.  He picked up the one we gave him, and quickly remembered where things were, and how to use the footnotes.  Karen is doing awesome.  She has a concern about following a prophet, and how that could seem like a cult.  So the lesson on the Book of Mormon was perfect for her.  She has a strong desire to know what is true and to follow our Savior.  She is eager to get into the Book of Mormon to begin reading and praying.  For all those who are thinking about going on a mission as a Senior Couple, the Jensons have made all the difference in these lessons.  Sister O'Banion and I do most of the teaching straight from Preach My Gospel, and then the Jensons testify boldly.  The work out here wouldn't be as successful as it without them, I know that for sure.  Karen really respects Sister Jenson a lot, and I don't know if she would have ever investigated without her. 
Did I tell you we have another family in the branch who has goats?  Marty and her husband have one cow, two horses, and about 12 goats along with chickens, turkeys, and ducks.  The first day we met her, we were out in the barn collecting eggs,  and helping feed.  She really seemed grateful for the help.  I remember Uncle Ralph telling me that he wishes they would just do away with tracting, and that missionaries would do more service.  I understand what he meant so much more here in St. Marys.  That really was a huge key to softening Dane and Robin's hearts, and I think it will help Marty and Grace's husband, John.  We have had more success serving people than I have ever had knocking doors.  Besides, working out in the barn is so much fun!  (I really don't want goats that bad, but it has been fun for me working with them out here...  I could see doing chickens though.  Just not meat chickens.  Those things are U-G-L-Y)
I love you all so much.  I know that I needed to serve my mission.  I know that Heavenly Father gives choices and agency, and sometimes when He doesn't answer our prayers directly, it is because He trusts us to make the right choice.  I am so grateful for the things I have learned here. 
Sister Bakker

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