Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March 3

the Bicycle Museum of America--peddle car

The chickens are in the rafters to protect them from the coons

2 day old goat babies to be fed

Dear Mom and Family,
This week has been so great!  We have been seeing so many miracles!  We are working with so many people and really the work is exploding!  Jim is doing great, he is progressing and still eating up all of the material we give him.  We are praying right now that he will be able to over come some difficulties with the word of wisdom, but I know Heavenly Father will help him.  We also had an amazing lesson with Patty.  It was the first time ever that the spirit has prompted me to teach as much as we taught her that day.  She was asking some pretty deep, and very spirit led questions, that quickly turned into a complete plan of salvation lesson.  That quickly evolved into the entire restoration and she was just giving us  the hungry eyes look.  She wanted us to keep telling her all of the truths about the gospel.  She was raised strictly southern Baptist, but has adapted her thinking to the things she has learned from the bible (which is how the gospel should be).  She loves that the doctrines we taught her are the things she has taught herself from personal study.  It was an incredible lesson!  I have never taught anything quite like it before.  Afterwards, Sister Chapman and I were just beaming at how incredible it went.  We are so excited to teach her again.  We just have to work around her working third shift (which means she works weird night hours).  Keep her in your prayers, she is really sincere about seeking truth.  She accepted baptism.  Now we need to help her work towards a date. 
 Lucas and Lynne had us go and watch them sing at the Harvest Baptist church here in Wapak (Wapakenta shortened).  That was definitely different than what we are used to, complete with a Christian rock band.  Lucas and Lynne are really talented.  Afterwards, we went over and had dinner with them and their pastor and his wife.  There was a lot of questions directed our way.  I haven't had a teaching experience quite like it before.  I was really grateful that Pastor Aaron was very considerate when he talked with us, and he was well educated on our beliefs.  Lucas really seemed to understand our message, but each person there is really on different pages than each other when it comes to religion.  It is a unique teaching environment.  Hopefully we will be able to discern what we need to do to teach to everyone's understanding rather than some.
 Oh, so the fun stuff of last Preparation day.  We went to The Bicycle Museum of America!  It was so fun!!!!!  If you all ever come out to visit, you have to come and see it!  We were able to drive this little green bike car around and tried out an ingocycle, and even hopped on a big wheel bike from way back when.  The best part is that we were the only ones there, so we had a private tour! 
 I love you all, and hope that things will go well with everyone's busy lives.  I am praying for you all always.  I know that when we love our Father in Heaven that gradually our will becomes His, and then can we come to understand what He desires for us to learn. 
Sister Bakker

Toledo and Toledo South Zone Mission  Dani's in middle row 3rd from R

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