Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10

Dear Mom,

We have had a ton of meetings, including stake conference, so we didn't get to teach as much as we would have liked.  Sister Chapman hasn't really been feeling good, which has put us at a bit of a slower pace also.  Hopefully I don't get what she has.  I don't ever want to stay in because of illness.  I can get sick next year.  Until then I will stay healthy. 

This week we had a really cool lesson with  our investigator, Doug.  He is in his 50s I think, and he is a former investigator from the Elders a few months ago.  His big concern was that us young people couldn't relate to the trials he has had to face.  So to counter that, we brought the Jensons.  Have I mentioned how great it is to have a senior couple?  Together we taught Doug the Plan of Salvation, and he loved it!  He had so many questions about eternal marriage for the Jensons, and we were able to talk about the Holy Ghost a bit at the end.  I never thought I would have to learn how to teach with three other people, but somehow we really make it work.  It is so cool to feel the spirit prompting each of us to speak, and when to be silent.  Doug really felt the spirit too, and has such a strong desire to know if the things we taught him were true.  I am really excited to go back and teach him some more. 

Jim is doing great!  He has been living the Word of Wisdom.  I don't think he has received a profound answer if it is true or not, but he is very wise to know that an answer will come eventually as he does what he is supposed to.  So he told us to keep on with the lessons.  So we taught him the all about the ten commandments, obedience, and then lead it into the law of tithing and fasting.  He loved it so much!  He wants to start paying his tithing as fast as possible so he can see the windows of heaven open.  He calculated what he made last year, took out the 10% and then divided it by 52 so he could pay every week.  He is so committed to living the gospel.  There is a difference between working with the prepared and those who aren't prepared.  Jim is incredible!  Keep him in your prayers.

We have had some really neat experiences here in St. Marys.  I know that I am supposed to be here at this time. Something that I have been trying to do is realize that nothing is coincidence.  I have been able to recognize Heavenly Father's hand in so many more ways.  If we just allow Him to show us the miracles, we will be amazed at the ways he blesses us everyday.  I love being a missionary.  I still know that Heavenly Father would have been proud of me if I had stayed home, but I know that my life will be completely different now that I have served.  I wish I could explain how much it has changed me.  I love my mission!

I love you all!  Have a great week!


Sister Bakker

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