Monday, December 2, 2013

Nov 25

Hi mom,
Yes, it is very cold.  very very very cold.  Everyone kept telling me that the cold will be different here in Ohio than it is in Utah, and they were right.  Between the wind and humidity it is cold.  Fortunately we do now have a furnace that works, and shouldn't kill us:) 
 As far as our thanksgiving plans go, we have a few invitations to go to dinner.  Believe it or not, Jon and that whole family invited us over as well as the pediatry residents in the ward (a bunch of the young families, who aren't going home for the holidays), and the M’s!  We should have a pretty good Thanksgiving when all is said and done.  We will be working, just not knocking doors. 
We had a slight snow storm this last week, and it was Sister Olson's first time really walking around in the snow.  She couldn't stop laughing!  It is always warmer out when the snow is falling than it is after the snow stops. 
Sister Olson extended her first baptismal invitation too!  Lots of firsts for this week.   As far as Jon's progress, he just keeps on going!  We taught him a lot about repentance this week, and even talked about temples.  He now has a vision past baptism! It really helped that Sister Olson worked as an ordinance worker before she came out.  She has a good perspective for our investigators from that end. 
We had a small training meeting in Akron this week.  I always love time with President Vellinga, especially training like that.  Seeing places like Akron, Cleveland, and Youngstown are big reminders for how Ohio is very much not Utah!  I love working here, and helping people.  Everyday is a new adventure and for that I am very grateful!
I know that this gospel changes lives.  It helps people everyday, and through the power of the atonement we can be eternally happy! 
I love you all very much!  Happy Thanksgiving!
 Sister D.K.Bakker

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