Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dec 9

Hi Mom!

This week has been, in the words of Oliver Cowdry, "days never to be forgotten!"  Let me just start off by saying we made history this week!  A Christmas Mission Conference was held on Tuesday in the Kirtland Ohio Temple.  Never before has there been so many full-time missionaries in the walls of that temple.  Every missionary in the entire Ohio Cleveland Mission attended (250+), along with some of the stake presidents, as well as a member of the seventy were present for this glorious event.  Members tell us from time to time that it is hard to feel the spirit in the temple because it does not belong to the church anymore.  I can tell you that the spirit is present there, and it was in great abundance on Tuesday!  We sang The Spirit of God, Christmas songs, and concluded with our mission song.  I wish there was a way for me to describe how incredible that day was, but I can't seem to find the right words.  I didn't realize where I was coming when I received my mission call.  Like Sister Wixom asked last night in the Christmas Devotional referring the birth of our Savior, "what happened next?"  Well Christ appeared to the Prophet Joseph Smith here and has declared that "Kirtland will be built up again."  Miracles. 
After the temple we toured the Historic Kirtland Village to visit the nationally acclaimed Nativity Exhibit there.  There are hundreds of nativities people have donated from around the world, and it is amazing to go and visit.  We have invited Jon and the whole family to go with us next week to take a tour.  I am excited to be going back.
We had a pretty great week with our lessons.  Jon is doing great.  This week we taught him, and the whole family the word of wisdom.  It is evident that he has a testimony because he didn't question it at all, even though he is addicted to coffee.  He drinks so much coffee every day, and has vowed to stop completely by this Wednesday.  The rest of the family has made similar commitments, and are still coming to church.  He witnessed one of the Elder's investigator, Ben Ward, receive the Holy Ghost yesterday, and was excited for the day he will be confirmed. 
The church is true.  I feel like Nephi sometimes when he tells us that he doesn't know everything, but I do know that God loves us, and that the gospel has been restored and that is enough.  Hope you are all having an amazing week!  Don't freeze back home.  I love you all!
 Sister Bakker

transfers are next week so we should be getting on the computers on Tuesday.  just a heads up:)

also, did you know that Sister Olson is from Elder Arnold's (Andrew’s 2nd companion) home town  in Fallbrook, CA.  They know each other.  who would of thought that both rooster and I would have our second companions from the same itty bitty town... 

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