Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dani in the MTC


Yup I can email!  I actually ran into Cade about 20 seconds ago, and watched Abby Hall walk in.  Really cool.  Cade is down on the West Campus (he is living in Raintree), so I don't see him.  
 Everything is fine here for me.  My companion is Sister Harward.  She is from Taylorsville.  She is about 20 years old.  I feel pretty old here actually.  Most of the elders here are 18.   There are four sisters total in our zone.  The other three, including my companion are headed to Independence, Missouri.  I am the only sister to my knowledge going to Cleveland.  I think there are some sisters here who are going to the visitors center, but that is a different mission.  My companion and I are complete night and day opposites. She is very shy, and usually does not speak up in lessons so we are learning how to best work with each other since I talk a lot.  Having a companion is new for me, and definitely good for me to learn how to be more Christ like.  
Last night was the first ever MTC live broadcast, and Elder Richard G. Scott came to speak.  He is so loving, you could just feel the love oozing out of him! Super incredible talk on prayer, and how prayer will be the key to keeping our heads up while we are out there.  I loved it!  Feeling the spirit like this is new for me.  To clarify though, everyone says the MTC is a spiritual high.  It is, but the spirit doesn't feel any stronger inside of me.  I can feel the spirit very softly speaking to me, I am just listening for it more here.  That is what has been cool.  I always thought as a missionary I would be over come or just feel it telling me all of the right things to say all of the time.  It works exactly the same way it always has.  I love being more in tune though.  
I will email pics in the mission field.  
Last but not least...  I would love to hear from you all!  If lyssa and Jack want to write me on dearelder, that would be sweet! Love to hear from you all!  

Church is true.  Cleveland will be sweet.  Rock on.


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